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Kat Enid • Design & Illustration

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As a versatile designer and illustrator based in Los Angeles, I have worked in both the apparel & stationery industries creating stunning visuals & products for various brands & clients. My expertise lies in lookbook design, print + product development, & logo + branding. I also have skills in content creation for social media platforms, UI design, & e-commerce back-end management & front-end organization. My years in freelance have allowed me to develop my communication & project management skills, as well as improve my art & creative direction while collaborating with clients to understand and translate their vision successfully into compelling visual solutions.


I enjoy photography & illustration, heavily inspired by the art & fashion of the 60’s + 70’s. I love to experiment with different styles and techniques. My passion is blurring the lines between traditional and digital art and incorporating it everywhere. In a world full of digitalization, to me, it's refreshing and rewarding to keep traditional art alive or at the very least, in the mix.

I'm Kathleen!

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